Kokurajar district administration celebrating "District Day"

Kokurajar district administration celebrating “District Day”

KOKRAJHAR: The Kokrajhar district administration has decided to celebrate “District Day” on its founding day, July 1, 2022, as it was created on July 1, 1983.

Meetings on this point were held in the presence of the MLA of 30-Kokrajhar East (ST) LAC, Lawrence Islary, and 28-Gosaigaon LAC MLA Jiron, under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, Kokrajhar, Varnali Deka, and the district administration of the authorities and others. It was held with the department. Basumatary at the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary’s office conference hall on Wednesday.

During the meeting, a detailed discussion was held on the program to celebrate “District Day”. DEEO-cum-IS will hold singing and dancing contests and instant speeches for school students. The district administration will hold an online slogan contest on the theme of Coclajar (open to all residents of Coclajar).

There will also be an online paragraph writing contest for students on “Why do you like Cokrajar” in three categories. In the evening, there will be a program with lighting of the lamps, lectures on the history of the district, and in-depth discussions with various groups, organizations and senior officials.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Varnali Deka called on all the people of Kokrajhar to enthusiastically participate in the District Day celebration.

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