"KK was supposed to visit Assam soon," says Zubin Garg.

“KK was supposed to visit Assam soon,” says Zubin Garg.

He was responsible for the organizer of the musical show and urged him to be well prepared for a major event. Zubin said the organizers need to make sure that the performers are provided with the right equipment, and the artists should not be robbed of anything.

In particular, Zubin Garg sang three songs with KK, confessing that he was very close to KK, adding that the two shared a good bond with each other. Garg also revealed that KK was to visit Assam later this year to attend his birthday in November.

“As people mention the mistakes of the organizers of Kolkata, I must say that the event group must take care of the artists. I also like AC does not work in the auditorium. Situations have been encountered. Such negligence can be costly, “Zubin said.

“It’s a huge loss not only to the music industry, but to the country as well. KK is loved by millions of people and he will miss him forever,” he added.

Zubin further said he played with KK at the first international show in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, Kolkata police have registered an unnatural death case due to the sudden death of KK, who is said to have deteriorated in health due to the negligence of the event organizer.