"Kick out if I don't ...": Arvind Kejriwal on schools in Gujarat

"Kick out if I don’t …": Arvind Kejriwal on schools in Gujarat

Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Keziwar today proposed a new transformation in Gujarat, providing a highly successful governance model in Delhi and, more recently, Punjab. Citing a school in Delhi in Bharuch, Gujarat, where the tribes make up the majority of the population, he argued that the school in Gujarat was in really bad condition.

“There are 6,000 public schools in Gujarat and they are closed. Many other schools are devastated. The future of hundreds of thousands of children is in turmoil. We will change this future. You can. How to change the school in Delhi, “said Prime Minister Delhi.

A challenge was also posed to his Gujarat counterpart, Bupendra Patel.

“BJP has set a world record for paper leaks during the test in Gujarat. I request Gujarat Prime Minister Bupendra Patel to do a single test without paper leaks,” he said. ..

Then he told people, “Give us one chance. If I don’t improve the school with this chance, you can get rid of me.”