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"Kashmir file" Director’s claim "Non-democratic" Ban by press club

Vivek Agnihotri, director of the Kashmir File, turned away from India’s foreign correspondents and press conferences, has been banned “non-democratically” and will hold a press conference at a five-star hotel on Thursday. He said.

Agni Hotri posted a video on Tuesday announcing that his freedom of speech was banned by the “guard dog of freedom of speech” and that the FCC would cancel his event and instead interact with the media at the press club. .. When PCI also seemed to be turning back, he followed up on Wednesday with a tweet blaming the organization.

“Wow! @PCITweets also canceled me. Democracy and free speech guard dogs not only banned me undemocratically, but also crossed their teeth,” Agni Hotri tweeted at the event. Shared a screenshot of the agency’s message instructed to reserve PCI for.

The director then said he would hold an “open house press conference” to answer the “most difficult questions.”

“Invite all believers, media people, correspondents, reporters, media activists, and those who sympathize with the victims of the Kashmir slaughter at Le Meridien in New Delhi at 3:30 pm, who are democratic and supportive of free speech. “A message to PTI, the director said in WhatsApp.