Kapili Hydropower Project Authority Releases Additional Water

Kapili Hydropower Project Authority Releases Additional Water


Nagaon: Authorities for the Kapili Hydropower Project have released additional water from dams such as Kandung in Dimahasao since Wednesday morning. Therefore, the water level of the Kapiri River is rising.

Meanwhile, the district administration in Nagaon issued an official notice today, calling on people living near the banks of the Kapili River under the revenue circles of Kanpur and Raha to be aware of possible situations in the coming hours. Did. Moreover, in the same notice, the administration also banned fishing, swimming and bathing on the Kapili River under the income circles of Raha and Kanpur, with immediate effects, sources added.

Following the official notice issued by the district administration, Kanpur Circle Office staff spread this alert message via microphone in various sensitive areas of Kanpur, such as Kanpur Barbary Gaon, Gosain Gaon, and Saibok Gaon.

The first flood wave last month seriously affected more than Rs 35,000 people under both income circles in the district, killing 10 people, including children. Moreover, flood waves have destroyed thousands of hectares of vegetables and other crops.

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