Kamal Nath resigns as leader of parliament

Kamal Nath resigns as leader of parliament

Kamal Nath, a senior parliamentary leader who occupied the posts of the two major parties, was released from one under the party’s “individual post” rule. He is currently resigning from the post of leader of the Parliamentary Party in Madhya Pradesh and will be the head of the state legislature.

In today’s letter, Congress stated that his resignation was accepted by party leader Sonia Gandhi.

A letter from senior leader KC Venugopal also states that Dr. Govind Singh has been appointed as the leader of the legislative party.

The new CLP leader, Dr Govind Singh, is an MLA sitting seven times from the Lahar seats in the Bhind district, part of the Gwalior-Chambal area, home to Jyotiraditya Scindia. Mr. Singh is considered a close friend of former Prime Minister Digvijaya Singh.

“I’ve raised people’s issues in Congress in the past, and I’ll continue to raise them as a CLP leader,” Shin said.