KAAC Poll: Assam BJP Appoints Ranoipeg as Coordinator

KAAC Poll: Assam BJP Appoints Ranoipeg as Coordinator

Carita also appointed Assam Cabinet Ministers Lanoy Peg and Radideep Roy (MP) as coordinators.

“Assam Pradesh Shri Bhabesh Kalita, President of the Bharatiya Janata Party, has formed a committee for the smooth functioning of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Election-2022,” the official BJP statement read.

The members of the committee are Pijush Hazarika, Jogen Mohan, Naba Kumar Doley (MLA), Ashok Bhattarai (State Vice President), Vijay Kumar Gupta (District Prabhari, Karbi Anglong East) and Rajkumar Sharma (District Prabhari). , Karbi Anglong West), Nandita Garlosa (MLA, District Saha-Prabhari, Karbi Anglong East).

Apart from these, the other members are Pankaj Borbora (District Saha-Prabhari, Karbi Anglong West), Dhansing Teron (District-President, Karbi Anglong East) and Rodip Ronghang (District President, Karbi Anglong West).

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