"Just because (Rebel) has 2/3 ...": Team Thackeray Lawyers Up

"Just because (Rebel) has 2/3 …": Team Thackeray Lawyers Up

Maharashtra’s team of Prime Minister Uddhav Thacke is believed to have more than 40 MLA (out of 55) of rebel camps as the rebellion continued to grow with the addition of a ninth minister on Sunday. I explained the reason. Means a lot.

“The media says they don’t face disqualification just because they (rebels) make up two-thirds of the time. You can ask a constitutional lawyer, but this is completely Wrong. The concept of 2/3 applies only if you are there. Is a merger with another part. “

“The (disqualification) proceedings have been filed by Shiv Sena against 16 MLAs. There are several judgments … The Supreme Court has stated that if a member engages in anti-party activities, he may be disqualified. He said he had sex.

Kamat also said that former Janata Dal United leader Sharad Yadav was disqualified for attending a rally by enemy Ralou Prasad Yadav, who turned from an enemy of party leader Nitish Kumar to a friend. showed that.

“Going abroad, meeting a BJP-controlled country, meeting BJP leaders, trying to overthrow the government, writing a letter against the government is clearly a violation … This is a plea for our speakers, “he said.