"Jukeganahi": Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani's "Pushpa" moves after bail

"Jukeganahi": Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani’s “Pushpa” moves after bail

Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani today claimed that the ruling BJP had “cowardly” by “using a woman” and “procuring a proceeding” against him. The comment was made hours after Mr. Mevani was granted bail by Assam’s court on suspicion of assaulting a female police officer in Assam.

“I won’t bow (jhukega nahi),” Mevani told Bibarud, hinting at the movie Pushpa.

Mr. Mebani was arrested in an assault on April 25, shortly after another court in Assam granted bail in a case involving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet.

“My arrest was not a simple matter, it must have been under the direction of the political boss of the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office),” Mevani told Bibarud today.

“I’m still proud of my tweet. The tweet basically asked the Prime Minister to maintain peace and harmony when co-classes take place … as an Indian citizen, I Has the right to ask for this. What is our duty as a member of parliament? It is to encourage people to maintain peace. That is what I did, “Mebani said.

“And in the second case, they created a story to use women to compose a case. The government is so cowardly to me that it uses women. Such cowardly acts are. “The Gujarat MLA added. The ruling BJP is doing all this with a view to the Gujarat elections that will take place later this year.