Judge In Twitter vs Elon Musk Made Rare Ruling: Ordered A Deal To Close

Elon Musk vs Judge in Twitter: Rare Decision

Judge in the lawsuit that Twitter Inc filed against Elon Musk for $44 Billion has an impeccable reputation. He is also known for being one of few U.S. jurists to have ever directed a buyer who was reluctant to buy a merger.

Kathaleen McCormick, who was first woman to hold the office of Chancellor at the Court of Chancery in 2013, took the title of chief judge or chancellor. The Twitter lawsuit that seeks to force Musk into completing his contract for the social network platform was assigned to her Wednesday. This promises to be one major legal confrontation in many years.

Adam Badawi a University of California Berkeley law professor, said “She already has the track record of not giving in to some of those worst behaviors that we see in such areas when people try to get out of deals.” She is an honest, serious and no-nonsense judge.

Musk’s aggressive and volatile personality is contrasted by Musk’s soft-spoken, approachable, and friendly nature. But she stands firm. At legal conferences, she advocates for respect and integrity among litigants.

She said, “We have always had one another’s backs. We’ve always gone to drinks after arguments and kept this level of civility.”