Joe Biden Fails To Secure Oil, Security Commitments At Arab Summit

Joe Biden fails to secure oil and security commitments at the Arab Summit

On Saturday, President Joe Biden assured Arab leaders that the United States will remain an active partner for the Middle East. However, he was unable to get commitments to any regional security axis which would include Israel and an immediate increase in oil production.

According to transcripts of his speech, he stated that the United States was invested in the building of a region’s positive future, and is working in partnership with everyone.

Biden started his first trip to Middle East as President with a visit Israel. At an Arab summit in Jeddah, he presented his vision for America’s engagement.

Although the communiqué from the summit was unclear, Washington’s Arab allies most strongly reacted negatively to the U.S. claims that it could have helped lay the foundation for a regional alliance of security – which would include Israel – in order to defeat Iranian threats.

Biden raised sensitive issues of human rights in a meeting with Mohammed bin Salman the Saudi Crown Prince. This drew criticism from MbS.