Jodhpur Communal Violence: 140 Arrested So Far, Curfew Extended Till May 6

Jodhpur Joint Violence: So far 140 people have been arrested and the curfew has been extended until May 6th.

The curfew imposed on Jodhpur, Rajasthan after the violence in the district was extended until May 6 by order of the District Police Commissioner.

“The curfew imposed on the Jodhpur Commission area on May 3 has been extended until May 6 … Leica Bag Palace Bus Stand and Leica Bag Station have been excluded from the curfew. I read the instruction.

Students and teachers appearing on the exam were exempt from the curfew. In addition, staff engaged in medical services, bank staff, judicial officers, and media staff are exempt from curfew.

“Newspaper shops will also be allowed to distribute newspapers,” the order added.

Meanwhile, internet service remains suspended in the district.
“The decision to resume mobile internet services is made after assessing the status of law and order. Currently, mobile internet services remain suspended,” said Himanshu Gupta, Justice of the Peace, Jodhpur.