Jharkhand Panchayat Polls: More Than 70% Voter Turnout In 3rd Phase

Jharkhand Panchayat Poll: Voter Turnout of 70% or More in Phase 3

More than 70% of voters at Rs 469,400 exercised their right to vote in the third of the four-stage Panchayat elections in Jharkhand on Tuesday, officials said.

A total of 1,047 Panchayat members from 19 districts went to vote and elected 6,370 Panchayati members, 1,043 Mukiya, 1,165 Panchayati committee representatives, and 126 Zilla Parishad members.

Officials said a total of 5,950 candidates had already been declared to have been elected without opposition at this stage. Voting counts on May 31st.

“Votes were peaceful at 12,912 booths spanning 70 blocks in the state. Overall turnout of 70.54 percent was recorded,” State Election Commission (SEC) secretary Radhe Shyam Prasad told PTI.

The Panchayati election is not held on the Jharkhand party line.