Jet Airways Gets Home Ministry

Jet Airways Obtains Home Office Approval

According to official documents, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has granted security clearance to Jet Airways, which plans to resume commercial flight operations within the next few months. The Jalan-Kalrock Consortium is currently a promoter of Jet Airways. The old Avatar airline is owned by Naresh Goyal and operated its last flight on April 17, 2019.

Last Thursday, the airline conducted a test flight to and from Hyderabad Airport as a step towards obtaining an airline certificate.

A letter sent by the Ministry of Civil Aviation to the airline on May 6 informed them of the Federal Interior’s grant of security clearance. The letter accessed by PTI states, “You are instructed to refer to your application … Receive security clearance for changing the company / company’s shareholding pattern, for the scheduled operator permission. To communicate based on the security clearance … Ministry of Interior. “

A test flight last Thursday was conducted to prove to aviation regulator DGCA that the aircraft and its components are working properly.

After Thursday’s test flight, the airline will need to carry out a certified flight. The Director of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will then grant the airline’s certificate.