Japanese Encephalitis claims 8 lives in Assam

Assam suffers 8 deaths from Japanese Encephalitis

Guwahati: In Assam, at least 8 people were killed by Japanese Encephalitis (JE), while 82 others became infected. The Health Department sought authorities to establish District Rapid Response Teams to monitor the situation.

Many Assamese are killed by malaria and JE every year. This is especially true during the Monsoon Season, which usually begins in May and continues until October.

The National Health Mission (NHM) reports that since July 1, eight persons have died, and 82 have been ill from the vector-borne disease.

Avinash Joshi (Principal Secretary of Health) and M S Lakshmi Priya (NHM Director), conducted a meeting by video conferencing on Saturday with the district authorities. They asked them to create DRRTs to address the problem.

NHM issued guidelines and a standard operating procedure to address any situation that might arise from the JE.

Officials said that there were at least 40 cases of Japanese Encephalitis-related deaths in Assam last year.