IPL is getting hotter-and Jay Shah has a lot to do with it

IPL is getting hotter-and Jay Shah has a lot to do with it

The Indian Premier League, called the Cricket Super Bowl, is exclusively for women as organizers are looking for ways to make the third-watched sporting event bigger, more profitable, and more diverse. We are preparing for the development of a version of the game.

India’s cricket governing body, the governing body for sports, is implementing a very popular male version of the IPL, whose broadcast rights are contested by media giants such as Walt Disney and Amazon.com Inc. I will. By early next year, BCCI head Jay Shah told Bloomberg in an interview in Mumbai about the women’s match and the rights of its six league teams.

“At this point, there is a strong interest in media rights,” Shah said, adding that he expects male IPL franchisee owners to bid on women’s league teams as well. The association also wants to enhance women’s games, he said. This is a form that is usually overlooked by the approximately 1.4 billion people who are obsessed with cricket.

Shah’s game plan to enhance diversity is underpinned by a pure business savvy as he seeks a more niche way to monetize a sports franchise with a 15-year history. increase. The IPL is estimated to be worth $ 7 billion, according to BCCI estimates, attracting 600 million viewers last year, and only looking at the Premier League and the National Football League.

The June Men’s League Broadcast Rights Auction could bid over $ 5 billion in fierce contests such as Amazon Prime Video, Walt Disney, Sony Group Corp., and Mukes Ambuni-led Reliance Industries Ltd.