Initial Probe Into PM Security Breach In Punjab Points At Planning Failure: Sources

Investigation of PM security breaches at Punjab points when planning fails

The Commission for Investigation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Security Violations is in the final stages of gathering evidence. So far, the investigation when Prime Minister Modi visited Punjab in January this year is heading towards a “planning failure.”

“The Commission collects and compiles evidence from all stakeholders involved. So far it seems like a failure of the plan, but we are still in the final stages.” Said a senior government official.

A committee appointed by the Supreme Court, led by former Supreme Court judge Indu Malhotra, is investigating whether the case was a criminal plot and is also investigating the role of Punjab police officers.

Prime Minister Modi’s cavalry ran aground on January 5, and was stranded for 20 minutes on an elevated road about 30 km from Fusai Niwala.

Statements of all witnesses-Special Conservation Group (SPG) personnel, Punjab police personnel, and bystanders standing to support Prime Minister Modi are also recorded, according to officials involved in the investigation.