Introductory program sponsored by Gargaon University

Introductory program sponsored by Gargaon University

SIVASAGAR: Garhgaon College, in collaboration with Internal Quality Assurance Cell, organized an implementation program to introduce 23 add-on courses to student fraternity organizations on Saturday.

Add-on courses are offered by Gargaon College and approved by Dibrugarh University. The course was introduced with the aim of bridging the gap between industry and academia by strengthening employability skills in various disciplines among students and addressing the new education policy-2020.

Dr. Sabyasachi Mahanta, Principal of Gargaon University, delivered his inaugural address, emphasizing that students need to develop and supplement their bachelor’s degree courses with add-on courses, as well as entrepreneurial skills. He motivated students by elaborating on how to stand out after graduation in the increasingly competitive and globalized employment market. He also said that professional add-on programs can give students an edge over their classmates with just a traditional undergraduate degree.

Of the 23 courses, 16 started in Phase 1. The course coordinator gave a brief overview of the course and motivated students to participate and enjoy the benefits of more participants.

A huge number of students participated in this program, along with Garhgaon College’s fellow educators and staff.