International Workshop on the Basics of Filmmaking in Dibrugarh

International Workshop on the Basics of Filmmaking in Dibrugarh

DIBRUGARH: “Assam College Teachers’ Association” (ACTA) The one-day international workshop on the basics of filmmaking, hosted by Women Cell at DHSK Commerce College, ended successfully on Wednesday. This workshop was co-sponsored by the ACTA Dibulgal Zone and the Host College’s “Internal Quality Assurance Cell” (IQAC). Dr. Amiya Patall, Vice President of the Women’s Prison Cell, has officially started the workshop. While serving as ACTA’s Secretary-General for Speech, Dr. Jayanta Baruah emphasized the purpose of the workshop, stating that ACTA is a strong teacher organization but also useful for student careers. Workshops like this help students build their careers in filmmaking.

Dr. Kiran Hazarika, a member of UGC and principal of Tengakhat College, has served as the chief guest.

Four technical sessions were held at the workshop. Mridupawan Bora, Rayhan Rafique Ahmed (via online mode from Dubai), Rakesh Changmai, Tridib Konwar, “Filmmaking Basics”, “Cinematic Sound Design and Film Music”, “Editing”, “Cinematography” We provided participants with training on “Cinema Light”. ” Each.

More than 100 trainees, including students, scholars, researchers and other film lovers, will receive a certificate of participation in the Valedictorian session held in the presence of Professor Plunger Gogoy, ACTA’s academic secretary. It was distributed.

Previously, Professor Sailen Gogoi, Vice-Principal of the University of Organization, gave a welcome speech, and Professor Jatindranath Gogoi, President of the Dibrugarh Zone of ACTA, voted for thanks. Swapna Nath Upadhyaya, Secretary, Women’s Cell, ACTA, and the convener of this first international workshop of ACTA Women Cell have fixed the first function.

First, Dr. Bidisha Mahanta, an assistant professor at the host college, introduced Borgeet to the audience. Dr. Tanka Prasad Upadhyaya, Coordinator of IQAC at the host college, thanked Professor Himangshu Maral of ACTA and Dr. KMBhagawati, Principal of the University, for the success of the workshop.