International Workers' Day observed throughout Assam

International Workers’ Day observed throughout Assam

TINSUKIA: The Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Government of India, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Welfare of the Government of Assam and the Ministry of Oil and Natural Gas of the Government of India, observed the 2022 International Labor Day and Ujiwara Day at the TDA Cultural. The center, Tinsukia, is in sync with Mayday’s celebration. ESIC Medical Camp and E-Shram Registered Camp were also organized for workers on the same day.

Minister of Labor and Employment, Minister of Oil and Natural Gas, Rameswar Teri, Bureau of Welfare, Labor and Welfare of the Tea Family, and Minister of Sanjoy Kishan attended as guests. MLA from Digboi and Doomdooma, Suren Phukan and Rupees Gowala, DC from Tinsukia, Narsing Pawar and Jayanta Baruah, President of TMB, also participated in the program.

In this program, one beneficiary was awarded Rs 10,000 by the Prime Minister’s Welfare Fund and some workers were earned for selfless service. The Ministry of Labor and Welfare distributed bicycles to each line of Chokidar.

Bongai Gaon: May Day was observed in Bongai Gaon by the NF Railroad Mazudore Union. In this connection, the flag was raised by Ashish Biswas, Executive Director of the NF Railway Mazdoor Union (NFRMU).

After that, a bicycle rally was held from NFRMU’s Bongaigaon branch to Pagrastan in Bongaigaon, and a large-scale meeting was held in collaboration with all trade unions such as CITU, BSNL Employees’Union, and Insurance Employees’ Union. Hundreds of people gathered for this. At a speech by Ashish Biswas, he called on all working class people to unite against the governor’s anti-labor strategy.

GOALPARA: International Workers’ Day was observed in a proper way at Goalpara’s Hasila beer bath stand on Sunday.