"There are 700 MLAs ...": Parliamentary leader after criticism of Mamata Banargy

"insult": Author returns award when Mamata Banerjee wins literary honor

Bengal writer and folklore scholar gave her on Tuesday from the Pasimbanga Bangla Academy to protest the decision to award Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee a special award for her contribution to literary purposes. Returned the prize that was given.

Ratna Rashid Banerjee has returned the 2019 Academy Award-winning “Annada Shankar Smarak Samman”.

In a letter to Academy President Bratia Bass, who is also the Minister of Education, Banersey said the award became a “crown of thorns” for her after the decision to award a new literary award to the CM on her birthday. Insisted. Rabindranath Tagore’s.

“In the letter, I informed them about my decision to return the prize immediately.

“As a writer, I feel insulted by the move to give commercials a literary award. That will set a bad precedent. The Academy’s statement praising the relentless literary pursuit of the prestigious Prime Minister is true. It’s a tragedy, “Rashid Banersey told PTI.