Indignation over the "failed" behavior of a Thai literary organization meeting

Indignation over the “failed” behavior of a Thai literary organization meeting

LAKHIMPUR: A large-scale reaction was widespread among the people of the state’s Tai Ahom community, centered on the alleged unsuccessful conduct of the 39th Biennial Conference of Purvanchal Tai Sahitya Sabha.

From May 6th to May 8th, a spectacular three-day agenda event was held at Chaornshka Pasamana Wake Shetra in the village of Borsoriya in the Azad district of the Rakinpur district. Chaotic behavior of the event.

In this regard, Dharma Kanta Gogoi, a youth activist in the Tai Ahom community, chairman of the Assam Seinendan and former Secretary General of Tai Ahom Yuva Parishad, addressed a press conference at North Lakhimpur Press. Wednesday club. Dharma Kantagogoi said representatives who began attending the event from other districts had not received legitimate acceptance from the Organizing Committee. He added that many complained to him over the phone in this regard. In this regard, Dharma Kanta Gogoi, as a resident of Rakinpur, offered to apologize to a representative who was deprived of legitimate acceptance in the district.

He further claimed that a small celebration with the attendance of several people was held in the name of a mega-event in front of the residence of the Secretary-General of the literary organization.

“The Organizing Committee did not advertise the organization or the preparation of the event in print or electronic media. We only knew it on social media such as Facebook. In this situation, about 300 people gathered at the event. The literary organization covers the entire northeastern region, but when Bodo Sahitya Sabha invited even the President of India to hold the meeting, the meeting was attended by only 200 or 300 people. Was very disappointing. At the event held for the development of Thai language and its literature, Thai language was not emphasized. The event did not display Thai banners or posters. Literary organizations I can’t fulfill my 60 hopes and aspirations. Raku people who belong to the Thai Ahom community. ”

He harshly criticized Dayananda Borgohain, president of Purvanchal Tai Sahitya Sabha, and Puspadhar Saikia, general secretary. “The President and Secretary-General have used Purvanchal Tai Sahitya Sabha as an ancestral property for the past nine years, but they have not used this institution to improve Thai language and literature. The candidate must have written a Thai book, but it turns out that Dayananda Borgohain has never written a Thai book. They are in the post in violation of the literary constitutional norms. They were elected president and secretary-general of a literary organization for the next session. ”