"India's success, China's failure": Biden praises Prime Minister for handling Covid

“India’s success, China’s failure”: Biden praises Prime Minister for handling Covid

US President Joe Biden finds similarities between “India’s success and China’s failure” to deal with a pandemic, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a private session of the Quad Leaders Summit in Tokyo on Tuesday. Praised that he had dealt with the outbreak of Covid-19 in democracy. Manners.

Biden contrasted India’s success with China’s failure to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, according to one official, but both countries are on the same scale.

Prime Minister Byden said that Modi’s success represents a world where democracy can be achieved: “A dictatorship like China and Russia can make and execute decisions without going through a long democratic process, so it’s fast. He said he broke the myth that he could better handle the changing world. official.

According to people familiar with the matter, these statements from President Biden appeared to be unscripted, as he made a special intervention to say this before the prepared statements.

Prime Minister Modi met with US President Joe Biden today shortly after hosting the Quad Leaders Summit. This meeting shows the continuation of their regular dialogue, which they recently interacted with in virtual mode on April 11.