India's Digital Census by 2024: Amit Shah

India’s Digital Census by 2024: Amit Shah

The upcoming census will be digitized and completed by 2024, Assam’s Interior Minister Amit Shah said on Monday.

The Interior Minister has opened a new office building for the Census Office in Amin Gaon, Kamlap district, and said the electronic process will automatically update the census for each birth and death of the country.

Shah says digital census has its own challenges, but when mobile applications are downloaded to mobile phones, not only will about 50% of the population be able to enter their own data, but there are also benefits. Said.

Emphasizing its importance, the Federal Minister said the digital census would shape “national policy for the next 25 years.” “As soon as the corona outbreak subsides, the digital census process will begin nationwide. The digital census will be completed by 2024,” he said.

In addition to the delay in the 2021 census due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Interior Minister noted that without a complete census, complete planning of development work and projects would not be possible.

“I know that using the latest state-of-the-art technology to make the census process more scientific is a huge task, but authorities and enumerators have succeeded in this important task and are result-oriented. Will make it purposeful, “he said.