India To Become $30 Trillion Economy Very Soon: Minister Piyush Goyal

India will soon have a $ 30 trillion economy: Minister Piyush Goyal

Federal Minister Piyush Goyal said on Saturday that India wants to win global markets in all sectors and that the country will “immediately” move from its current US $ 3 trillion level to a US $ 30 trillion economy.

The Textile and Commerce Minister said the domestic textile industry has great potential to create jobs in the coming years, and the center is actively working with various countries to impose tariffs on the global Indian textile sector. We have a free trade agreement that provides zero access. According to the official statement, the market.

Regarding the event at Coimbatore, Goyal emphasized that the center will promote both the cotton and textile sectors to gain a larger share of the global market, thereby increasing employment opportunities and investment.

“In all areas, we want to be a global industry. We want to win the world market,” he said. Under the guidance of the Prime Minister, the Center actively cooperates with various countries to conclude free trade agreements. He added that he plans to do so. Provides zero-duty access to the textile sector of the global market. India is globally respected today, thanks to the good relationship between the Prime Minister and world leaders. When launching SIMA Texfair 2022 at Coimbatore Goya, the center emphasized that it is promoting both the cotton and artificial textile sectors and expanding its global market share. The market thereby increases employment opportunities and investment.

Goyal argued that Tamil Nadu will become the world’s largest hub for textiles, pumps, wet grinders and key component manufacturing, boosting the country’s economic growth. Goyal highlighted the various policy initiatives taken by the government and the efforts made by the industry to achieve US $ 440 billion in exports.