In the face of rebellion, Senna's "advice" For BJP's Devendra Fado Navis

In the face of rebellion, Senna’s "advice" For BJP’s Devendra Fado Navis

Shiv Sena’s chief spokesperson, Sanjay Raut, provided “advice” to BJP leader Devendra Fadnabis, who was accused of designing the lift today, answering questions about the rebellion within the party.

“I’ll give Devendra Fadnabis just one piece of advice to avoid getting involved in this crisis. Avoid what happened one morning as it will be undone in the evening (Nationalist Congress Party Leader (NCP)). Ajit Pawar in the state of 2019), “he said, laughing at the Senna workers there.

In 2019, Ajit Pawar surprised state politics in collaboration with Devendra Fadnabis, even though his party had a meeting with Shiv Sena and Parliament to form a non-BJP government. ..

Devendra Banhart later described the decision as a “mistake,” but added that he “did not regret it.”

“I don’t regret it, but we shouldn’t have formed such a government. This was a mistake,” the BJP leader told the Marathi daily Roxatta.