"I'm back!  #COVFEFE": Trump finally posts to him "Truth Social"

"I’m back! #COVFEFE": Trump finally posts to him "Truth Social"

Former US President Donald Trump posted a short “I’M BACK!” Message to Truth Social at the end of Thursday for the first time since the app he founded was launched two months ago.

Trump broke the silence when Elon Musk signed a $ 44 billion deal to buy Twitter. It permanently banned Trump last year because of the risk of further violence by Trump mobs at the US Capitol.

Republicans have vowed to ease content moderation practices to restore freedom of speech Tesla’s CEO hopes to invite Trump to the site, Mask’s acquisition of a social media platform I cheered on.

Mr. Trump said he wouldn’t return to Twitter since the deal was announced this week.

Mr. Trump wrote “I’M BACK! #COVFEFE” in a Thursday message called “Truth” in the app.