If voted to power, will scrap border deal with Assam, says Meghalaya TMC leader Mukul Sangma

Mukul Sangma, leader of Meghalaya TMC, said that if he is elected to power, he will end the border agreement with Assam

Mukul Sangma (Meghalaya TMC) is the former chief minister and leader of Meghalaya TMC. He has indicated that his party will end the recently signed border agreement between Meghalaya, Assam and Assam if it wins power in 2014.

“We stand committed to see that it is undone if we are voted to power,” said Mukul Sangma.

He stated, “Whatever discussions have taken place between the two governments is not in sync with the expected line of agreement.”

The former Meghalaya chief minister further said: “Whatever has been decided in the bilateral discussion and the subsequent agreement, it is not acceptable to the people of the state.”

“When people are not accepting this, then why is it imposed upon our people? It is incumbent as politicians and member of the party to defend our people,” said Mukul Sangma.

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Mukul Sangma said that there serms to be an attempt to crush the people’s will to fight the border issue and both governments were at it.

“This is highly condemnable and has to stop. The current government acts as a puppet for the Assam government. Assam is entitled to rejoice over what has happened. Is this their attempt to intimidate the affected villages? They cannot indulge in atrocities against our villagers,” asserted Sangma.