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If Russia is ready to help overcome the global food crisis …: Putin

President Vladimir Putin called with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Moscow will make a “significant contribution” to avoid the impending food crisis if the West lifts sanctions imposed on Russia against Ukraine. Said that he was ready to do.

The Kremlin said in a post-call statement, “Vladimir Putin is ready for the Russian Federation to contribute significantly to overcoming the food crisis through grain and fertilizer exports, subject to politically motivated deregulation by Western nations. I emphasize that I am. ” ..

President Putin also said, “Measures taken to ensure the safety of navigation, including the daily opening of the humanitarian corridor for the exit of civilian vessels from the ports of Azov and the Black Sea, which is hampered by the Ukrainian side.” He added that he also talked about.

Putin also described Russia as a “groundless” accusation that it had to take responsibility for food supply problems in the world market.

“The purpose of this call was to ask if anything could be done to unblock the wheat currently in the Ukrainian warehouse,” Draghi said in a press conference.