Video shows 42 MLA in Sena Rebel Eknath Shinde

"If our faction is not recognized …": Sena Rebel Deepak Kesarkar

The battle to rule Shiv Sena was about who would take over the legacy of the party’s founder and father of Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray, Bal Thackeray.

Senna MLA Enato Cinde, who pointed out that Mr. Thackeray’s faction was the mastermind of a group of nearly 40 rebel MLAs trapped in a remote BJP-controlled Assam hotel, called MLA Deepak Kesarkar. Nominated as a spokesman for the new faction of. They named “Shiv Sena Barasaheb” to mean “the ideal Shiv Sena envisioned by Bal Thackeray.”

The faction demanded approval that can only come from the Election Commission.

“We have numbers, but we respect Prime Minister Uddhav Thacke and our faction will not merge with other parties,” Kesarkar told reporters in Guwahati today. He helps logistics, but does not participate in the internal debate of the rebel Senna MLA.

“If our faction isn’t recognized, we’ll go to court and prove our number,” said Kesserker, who said the rebel MLA wouldn’t quit Senna, but “Barasaheb.” He added that he would take over the legacy of.