Rebels Claim They Control Sena, Team Thackeray Must Follow Their Orders

Ideology, not portfolio, claims leader of Senna rebels in Gore’s Camp Cinde

Just as the rebel Shiv Sena leader Enat Sinde left for Mumbai, met the Governor of Maharashtra, and helped the BJP establish a new government, the rebel MLA Deepak. A Kessalkar spokesman held a press conference in Goa, repeatedly emphasizing that it was an ideology. Rather than expecting a plum post with a cabinet portfolio, it forced them out of Thackeray and adopted the BJP. He also claimed that they did not betray Uddhav Thacke, but loved and respected him. “No one in Shiv Sena is against the Thackeray family,” he added.

“All speculation about the portfolio is unfounded. No decision has been made yet,” he said, but admitted that negotiations with the BJP to form a government have already begun.

“We don’t need a common minimum program to form a government with the BJP. We are like-minded parties,” he said, and their party is a legislative party led by Eknath Shinde. He added that. “It doesn’t matter who the real Shiv Sena is. We have a statutory adulthood, so we are the legislature,” he said.

Maharashtra people voted for Shiv Sena and BJP to be together, but instead a new coalition was formed between the Nationalist Congress Party and Parliament, Kesarkar said, and the party compromised on ideology and warned. He added that he ignored the complaints from many Sena leaders. Congressional attempt to undermine Shiv Sena.