ICAR releases indigenous diagnostic kits for pigs

ICAR issues diagnostic kits to pigs

During the programme, he released three diagnostic kits developed by the institute, under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, namely the Nucleo FAST Viral DNA Isolation Kit, Piggyplex (D) ASF, PCV2 & PPV assay kit, and Piggyplex (R) CSF, JE & PRRS assay kit. According to a press release, these indigenous kits are more effective than import technologies and can generate revenue around the world.

The Director of the ICAR–NRC on Pig, Dr VK Gupta gave a quick overview of the kits and their features. The ICAR -NRC Pig developed the Nucleo Fast Viral DNA Isolation Tool. This kit can quickly extract nucleic from DNA-infected animals and blood in just 7-10 minutes. To detect particular viral infections in suspect samples, the extracted nucleic acids can be used as PCR-ready templates DNA. It can be kept at room temperature up to a year. The Nucleo FAST Viral DNA Isolation Kit’ costs roughly Rs 500 (each sample cost Rs 10), which is ten times less than the cheapest commercially-imported kit.

Piggyplex (D)ASF,PCV2 & PPV and Piggyplex (R) CSF,JE &P RRS assay kits developed by ICAR-NRC on Pig can easily be implemented into swine diseases (ASF, PCV2, PPV, CSF, JE, and PRRS) control programme. Piggyplex(R) and Piggyplex® technologies are extremely efficient. They can detect three viruses in one step. For 50 results, the cost for the two developed assay kits was Rs 10,000. This is significantly less than that of imported kits. It can detect single virus antigens with the same precision and specificity. The three kits were developed with financial assistance from the Department of Biotechnology of the Government of India.

Dr Bhupendra Narth Tripathi, in his closing remarks, expressed appreciation for the scientific achievements and encouraged scientists to create such diagnostic kits and point-of care tools for swine disease.

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