I will be the hero of my biopic: Jadav Payeng

Jadav Payeng will portray me as the hero in my biopic.

Guwahati: “My biopic will have me as the main character. I don’t want anyone else to play my role if at all any biopic is made on me in future”, the Forestman of India, Padmasri Jadav Molai Payeng said.

The man who is said to have planted more than 4 crore trees was addressing India’s biggest gathering of Environmental professionals representing some of the best-known corporate houses and public sector undertakings, and government bodies.

He addressed them during the second day of National Summit’s two-day opening.

Jadav Mohali Payeng was honored to be a guest at the National Summit, which was organized by the New Delhi-based Greentech Foundation. 

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Replying to a question about his bio-pic, he said, “I will do my role. I may not know acting, but still, I can live in that role.”

Explaining his journey to 250 plus well-known environment professionals drawn from across India, he said, “The only thing I know is planting trees. This is what I do until the end. I live off tree plantations. I can’t think of anything beyond that.”

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“Unfortunately, there is not much land available in Assam to plant more trees”, he added

 “I went on to plant saplings and seeds along a dry sandbar by the Brahmaputra in Assam, creating a forest that stands at 550 hectares today on the island of Majuli near Jorhat”, he explained.