"It's new india": Actor R. Madhavan praises Prime Minister Modi in Cannes

"I deserve this": Remarks about the Hindu R Madhavan Mars mission

R. Madhavan’s directorial debut Rocketry: Nambi Effect, he also plays the leading role, just days after its release. And in the movie promotion, the actor noticed that he was at the center of a social media storm because of his comments about the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) mission to Mars.

His clip, which ISRO successfully launched the PSLV C-25 rocket onto Mars using the Panchangham (Hindu calendar), made him a target for jokes and trolling. Now, the actor gave an explanation admitting that it was his ignorance to call the yearbook Panchangham.

In his tweet, “It’s worth calling Almanac” Banchan “in Tamil. I don’t know me very much. Although this cannot eliminate what we achieved with just two engines in the Mars mission. A record of itself. The @NambiNOfficial Vikas engine is a rock star, “tags Nambi Narayanan, a former ISRO scientist and aerospace engineer who was the basis of the film.

Madvan’s comments on the Mars mission in India and Panchangham were originally made in Tamil at the event, but were translated in a Twitter thread by singer TM Krishna. According to the tweet, “If you don’t understand the Tamil gist, Indian rockets didn’t have three engines (solid, liquid, and cryogenic) to help western rockets go into orbit on Mars. Due to the shortage of India, they used the information of “Panchangam” (Hindu calendar). “

Sharing the video, TM Krishna added: “I was disappointed that ISRO did not publish this important information on their website. It is time to consider Panchangham on Mars too!”