HS Test Results 2022: Girls Better Than Boys in Dibrugarh

HS Test Results 2022: Girls Better Than Boys in Dibrugarh

Dibrugarh: Four students brought glory to Dibrugarh by securing their ranks on the HS exam. The result was declared on Monday. Salt Brook Academy’s Alangkrita Gautam Baruah took second place in the Science Stream. She secured the 488 mark in the letter mark in all subjects. She scored 100 points in physics and mathematics.

She is the daughter of Gautam Kausik Balua and Ranjana Saikia Balua of Chiring Chapori, the path of Margabar in Dibrugarh. Gautam Kaushik Baruah is a civil servant of the Department of Water Resources.

Alangkrita Gautam Baruah also took second place in the Matric exam. Alangkrita Gautam Baruah said to the correspondent, “I’m happy with the results, but I didn’t expect much. I’m grateful to the teachers and parents who supported me during the exam. Study. I don’t have a fixed time to do it. I studied regularly. “” I would like to thank the teachers who helped me clarify my concept while studying. In my free time, the story I read books and novels, “she said. “I’m preparing for the NIIT exam now. I want to pursue medicine to become a doctor,” she added.

Ayman Shoaib finished fifth in the science stream from the Dibrugarh Salt Brook Academy. She scored 481 out of 500. She scored 100 points in physics and 99 points in mathematics. Talking to this correspondent, Aiman ​​Shoreive expressed her happiness in winning fifth place in the HS. “During the exam, I studied for 7-8 hours every day. I would like to celebrate the achievements of the teacher and her parents who supported me.”

“The Saltbrook teachers were very helpful because the physical classes were suspended during Covid-19, but the teachers helped us through online classes. They were very helpful in the class. It was supportive. “Ayman Shoaib is the daughter of Shoaib Ahmed and Shabnam Shoiab of Makum Road in Tinsukia. Her father, Shoreive Ahmed, is a businessman.

She added, “I stayed at a PG in Dibrugarh and the owner of the PG encouraged me a lot during my research. Toady, I am very happy and helped me for two years in Dibrugarh. I would like to thank everyone who got lost. “” I am currently preparing for an NIIT examination. In the future, I want to pursue medical care and become a successful doctor, “she said. ..