"How many more kids ...": UN body accuses US of shooting in Texas

"How many more kids …": UN body accuses US of shooting in Texas

Following the shooting of a Texas school that resulted in the deaths of 19 children, the head of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) asked Wednesday: How many children will die before the leader acts?

“Tragedy after tragedy, shooting after shooting, young life after a young life: how many more children die before government leaders act to keep their children and their school safe. Is it? “Asked Catherine Russell, Managing Director of UNICEF. “Until they do, these horrors will continue.”

She said the children attacked and killed in Yuvalde, Texas, attended school, the safest place outside the home.

Russell said 19 children, teachers, and school staff who went to school in the morning would never return to their families, and even more who witnessed the genocide had their rest of their lives. ..

“It happened in Texas,” she said. “Where will it happen next? This year we have already seen horrific attacks on schools in Afghanistan, Ukraine, the United States, West Africa and more.”