How 2 Rajasthan Farmers Chased Udaipur Tailor Killers For 35 Km

Two Rajasthani Farmers chased Udaipur tailor killers for 35 km

The new details about the murder of Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal for a post on Prophet Muhammad have been revealed. They were captured while riding their motorcycles through Rajasthan.

Prahlad and Shakti Singh were farmers and chased after the killers Gos Mohammad (and Riyaz Ashtari) for 35 km. They were eventually caught and overpowered by Rajasthan Police and captured.

Prahlad told Bibarud he was informed by the police that the murderers would attempt to escape. The vigilant farmer then watched his village closely in case of a robbery.

Prahlad Singh and his farmer friend, Shakti Singh, were having tea by a highway when they spotted the two killers speeding down the road on a bike.

“We witnessed them fleeing from this village,” said Mr Singh to Bibarud.