Homage to Upendra Chandra Recal

Homage to Upendra Chandra Recal

He was president of the Axom Xahitya Xabha (Assam Literary Society) in 1970 in Dhing. A few years later, in 1974, he retired and returned to Guwahati. Shortly thereafter, this calm and kind soul revived his last breath, leaving a treasure trove of his literary works. Among them was Katha Gurucharit (a basic dissertation on the life of the Weissnavite saint of Assam) and another well biography-I loved Assam literary giant Lakshminart Bezbalua. He has many other books and articles such as Bhakti Vivek Bhattadev, Asomiya Ramayana Sahitya.

With the trademarks Dhoti and Kurta, this gentle, soft-toned man has faint but favorite memories and sends a wave of empathy and love to anyone who may enter his life. The visual snatch goes through the heart of walking in the narrow alleys of Vrindavan, holding his hand firmly. When he greets the people around him, the scent of his oil remains. “Coca”, who we knew him, threatened us with a wonderful story and handed out small white globules of homeopathic medicine that he was willing to swallow like a precious candy! Behind the thick black-framed glasses he wore as a wise scholar, he could sometimes find the naughty shimmering eyes of a humorous personality with a fun look. No one heard him speak harsh words or discipline anyone.

“Coca” was worried about lying, so even though he was qualified, he later learned that he had given up his career as a lawyer and entertained us. rice field.

Today, as we celebrate the 43rd anniversary of his death, we pay tribute to this calm and illustrious intellectual soul that has brightened the lives of all the lucky people who have come to know him. Coca lives on in our hearts, and in the hearts of those who still remember him.

– Deepavalua

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