Homage to Manjula Neog

Homage to Manjula Neog

This was the first by a team under the age of 15. But about 35 of us have appeared. After drinking tea, we were treated for dinner by Mandurah Madam, a better half of Neog Sir. AMA executive member Amarjoti Deca, now 51, recalled. Even though the number of invitees increased at the last minute when there was no food delivery app, “everyone” and “Madame cooked everything and managed it with a smile.”

“Even the kids on that team are in their 40s, but they remember supper, noodles, chicken fried rice, and Madame with a smile. There was no day when he returned from Neog’s house without a cup of tea. “Reflects her affectionate and compassionate side,” said Deca, “Madame will miss everyone who comes into contact with her.

“Mandurah Neog died on May 2, at the age of 75, in a hospital in Guwahati with two sons, an upper body and a daughter. She was born in Guwahati. Her Adia Shradda was played by her. On Thursday at Rachit Nagar’s mansion in Guwahati, family, friends and acquaintances lovingly shared anecdotes about her compassionate nature and contributions to the various organizations she is involved with.

In addition to AMA, where she had an emotional bond for her husband, Assam’s first major forest protector, Manjula Neog was also actively involved with other organizations. She is the founding president of the Assam Retired Forest Officer’s Wives Association (ARFWA), a former president of the Guwahati (East) District 324 Inner Wheel Club, and has since been a member of NGOs in more than 100 countries. Presence in. Neog was also an active member of the Ladies Cell Association.

– Ali Fauz Hassan

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