Homage to ChandraNathBhattacharyya

Homage to ChandraNathBhattacharyya

Born into a famous family in Baihatachariari in the Kamlap district, he spent most of his childhood at Guwahati’s maternal uncle’s house after his mother died at the age of three. After graduating from Guwahati’s prestigious Cotton University, he held a short teaching profession at Arya Vidyapeeth College and was successful at Indian Oil Corporation and Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation for nearly 40 years. He has retired from Guwahati’s IOCL as a Senior Production Manager.

An avid storyteller, he shared many real-life events with his family and friends. In particular, the method that had to evacuate Kuwait during the Gulf War was tremendous difficulty and elaborate planning using difficult routes through third countries. With a generous and big heart, he was traveling to Saudi Arabia at the time to bring back a religious gift to Assam’s close friends.

However, after retirement, life turned cruel and had to fight for a long time due to chronic illness. It was a test of his courage and courage. He is vulnerable to health but has come out bravely. Finally, it is time for him to move to God’s dwelling and leave a big gap in our lives. But the burning light in all of our hearts, including his hopes, will inherit his legacy and continue to spread good to the world. He left his wife, four daughters, a son, a daughter-in-law, two son-in-laws, and a grandson. His Adya Shraddha will be staged on May 10th.

– Anjan Bhattacharyya

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