Bollywood Now Threatened By A Bigger, Louder Rival

Hindi wood is now threatened by bigger and bigger rivals

Boliwood currently has serious rivals in India. It’s bigger, bigger, and making more money than its prolific and flashy Hindi cousin, known for its distinctive dance moves and gorgeous wedding scenes.

A new genre of film in southern India (a spectacular, big-budget over-the-top action film, some with toxic masculinity and brutal violence) is increasingly dominating India’s $ 24 billion media and entertainment market. I am. In some cases, they make their mark beyond India.

Filmed in local languages ​​such as Telugu and Kannada, it attracts millions of viewers to theaters and subtitled streaming platforms showing dubbed versions.

The pioneer of the movement is “RRR”. This is the story of two Indian freedom fighters who fought against British colonialists in the 1920s. According to The Numbers website, it has raised $ 150 million worldwide since its release in March, and Rolling Stone magazine and other US publications feature enthusiastic reviews of the movie.

Local media reported that the KGF and Pushpa action franchises totaled about $ 200 million, and the two-part mythical fantasy Baahubali was a huge success in 2015 and 2017, totaling about $ 200 million. Raised $ 290 million.