Heavy rains in many parts of Cochrajar

Heavy rains in many parts of Cochrajar

KOKRAJHAR: Due to the constant heavy rainfall in the state over the past few days, the water levels of all rivers and tributaries have flowed above dangerous levels, submerging many parts of Kokrajhar and making them safe places in various parts of the district. Have been forced to evacuate to.

The people of Kokrajar have not witnessed the flood for the past two years, but this time many wards under the Kokrajar city council have been flooded. The Gaulan River, which flows near the town of Kokrajar, has flowed above dangerous levels since Thursday morning, and there is a clear concern about more possible water volumes if Bhutan releases more water from the dam. This poses a threat to the citizens of Kokrajar.

In the town of Kokrajhar, adjacent areas such as Tengaoara, Rupathi Nwgwr, Swmdwnpuri, Mainaopuri, Naldangpara, Shantinagar, Gaurnagar and Subhashpally were flooded on Thursday, and RNBrahma Road and Jwhwlao Dwimalu Road were also submerged. Movement. Most schools are already closed due to summer vacation. In addition, heavy rain may shut down the power and the rain forecast may continue for more days.

Meanwhile, local MLA Rabiramda Narzary told reporters, “Floods are not new in Coclajar. Floods are caused by the lack of systematic drainage systems and drainage channels in Coclajar.” He said that the drainage channels and drainage systems of Cokrajar are not scientific, as they are clogged and submerged.

Narsary said it was time to implement a scientific approach to solving the flood problem. He called on the CEM of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) and the state government to pay attention to the adoption of scientific measures to end flash floods in Cokrajar.

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