Guwahati: Transport Dept Serves Show Cause Notice To DTO Office After Finding Irregularities

Guwahati Transport Dept. Serves Show Cause Notice to DTO Office Following Finding Irregularities

The show-cause notification stated that 21 out 42 employees had been absent due to the abrupt visit of the Secretary to Government. Adil Khan (DTO) at the DTO.

The notice stated that the Motor Vehicle Inspectors, or MVIs, were not in their uniforms.

An official was surprised to see that many applicants or people were gathered at different desks to complain about pending work.

According to the official, “As a responsible officer, you must have kept a close eye on the office and staff functioning as well as their service delivery in accordance with laid down norms.”

“If subordinate officers or staff are discovered to be absent, they have not taken any steps for their punctuality to be assured,” he said. As a consequence, visitors are inconvenienced and services that need to be delivered on-time are delayed.” he said.

Notice stated that you were the designated superior and have not conducted routine checks of all entities within your office, leading to counters or kiosks without authorization.