Camp Shinde In Guwahati - Paan Masala, Cook Flown In, Superior Assam Tea

Guwahati Camp Cinde-Paan Masala, Cook Flyn In, Superior Assam Tea

Shiv Sena MLA, who stayed in Assam for over a week this afternoon, got off to a slightly wrong start. When I was ready to check out the Guwahati Hotel, I was notified of a plan change. Their departure to Goa was delayed. The reason was explained by one of their senior leaders in an interview with Bibarud.

“We wait for the verdict,” said Deepak Kesserker. He mentioned a hearing scheduled at 5 pm in the Supreme Court. What happens there determines whether MLA will succeed in attempting to dismiss Uddhav Thacke as both the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the president of the party founded by his father.

The team finally departed for Goa on a charter flight around 7 pm. Sources say 70 rooms are reserved for hotels in the coastal states (also 5 stars).

The cohort, who appointed Eknath Shinde as chief, arrived in Assam about a week ago, also on a charter plane. They settled at the Radisson Blu Hotel under the close supervision of the local BJP Minister. By this time, it was clear that if Mr. Cinde was the captain of this rebel team, it was the BJP who was the coach.

Mr. Cinde clarified the proceedings from Guwahati. With 40 of the 55 MLAs with him, Senna is now under his control, and Senna must end the current alliance between Congress and Sharad Powerle. It must rekindle its previous partnership with BJP. And Mr. Thackeray must prove the majority in the legislature.

During the eight days of Camp Cinde in Guwahati, MLA was safely out of reach. The BJP minister visited them, but apart from that, they confirmed that they had no attempt to gather in the biobubbles and get lost in Mr. Thackeray’s very dwarf team. They never left the hotel until this morning when they took a bus to pray at the famous Kamakka Temple.