Guwahati: AAP volunteers protest price increases.Detained by police

Guwahati: AAP volunteers protest price increases.Detained by police

During the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the state, a fierce protest was carried out by volunteers from AAP’s Assam unit.

Assam’s AAP leaders and workers were detained from the Ganeshguri area near Dispur, Guwahati.

AAP’s Assam troops used their official Twitter handle to inform them of their detention. They also embedded a short video clip in their tweets. There you can see protesters shouting slogans against the current Pope’s special exemption.

The detainees were taken to a camp based in Kahilipara, the 4th Assam Police Battalion in Guwahati. Police reportedly dragged him into Guwahati while detaining Assam AAP leaders and workers.

AAP volunteers carried out this protest as a result of soaring prices for fuel and other necessities. Excited protesters were seen shouting slogans to the Center, the Assam government, and Prime Minister Modi.

On the other hand, low-income households have been hit hard and are bearing the brunt of price increases. As a result of rising prices for cylinders, medicines, fuels, etc., the common people have been forced to suffer.