Gurgaon's telecommuting advisory to today's office in the rain forecast

Gurgaon’s telecommuting advisory to today’s office in the rain forecast

Following today’s thunderstorm rain forecast by the Chandigarh Meteorological Department, the Gurgaon administration has urged private agencies and businesses to guide employees to work from home to avoid road congestion. I advised the office. Heavy rains and thunderstorms occurred earlier this morning in Delhi and its neighboring areas, causing heavy traffic congestion and affecting the operation of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI).

District administration wants to help civilian agencies speed up dehydration and repair work by reducing road traffic.

The city faced prolonged power outages and traffic jams after heavy and thunderstorms on Monday morning. Many commuters were stuck on the road and flooded, causing traffic congestion. Some trees were uprooted during the storm.

According to the Meteorological Bureau, this was the first moderate-strength storm of the season.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has previously stated that fragile structures and Kucha houses can be damaged by thunderstorms, which can disrupt traffic.