Gunotsav Phase III ends in Chirang district

Gunotsav Phase III ends in Chirang district

BONGAIGAON: Phase III Gunotsav-2022, which was held for 4 days from June 1st to June 4th, 2022, successfully completed self-evaluation and external evaluation in the Chirang district on Saturday.

In this phase of Gunotsav, a total of 63,171 students were evaluated, 88% of the 71,966 students reading Class I to Class IX at 81 schools.

Deputy Commissioner of Tiran, Narendra Kumar Shah, expressed his appreciation and satisfaction for the smooth completion of the Gnotsaf-2022 in the district.

He visited all senior officers of the state government, as well as districts, and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to students and schools, district administration officials, and various departments, especially those in neighboring districts who evaluated the achievements of their officials. And the staff of the district education department.

A total of 422 people, including three external evaluators represented by the state government: Aninidia Swargawari, Special PCCF (SF), Krishna Das, AIGP (RE-Orgn), Salmista Barua, and AIGP (W & S). External evaluators their service as external evaluators of the district.

The entire process has been closely monitored by Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Narendra Kumar Shah from day one of this exercise, along with senior district administration and education officials.