Guardian Minister Ashok Singhal opens Cachar's Model Tea Garden School

Guardian Minister Ashok Singhal opens Cachar’s Model Tea Garden School

Minister Shinharu said on the spot, “The Assam government, led by Dr. Himanta Biswa Salma, will work to train tea workers and realize their dreams. Our government will bring Barak and Bramaptra at the same time. We are relentlessly working on shaping. ”

Minister Shinharu said the current government is working for the overall development of the people in the tea plantation area. The government has made arrangements to provide state tea workers and the poor with free housing, drinking water facilities, electricity, toilets, gas, etc. under the PMGAY scheme. Children in the garden area do not have to travel far to study and have access to nearby higher education facilities.

Minister Shinharu said 96 such model schools have been set up in the state’s tea plantation area. The minister also said that within the next two years, these model high schools will be upgraded to high schools and one university will be established in each garden area, including 4-5 tea gardens.

Minister Shinharu said that 200 years after the garden was founded and 75 years after independence, the government took a historic step in training tea workers by setting up a model school building in the state’s garden area. Said.

He said that boys and girls in the village now have the same information as in the city, with the help of the internet. The minister called on the students to acquire knowledge with an inquisitive mind. Also, every student has a basic talent. Guardian Minister Ashok Singhal also urged teachers to focus on their students by realizing their basic talents. Minister Shinharu said the state government, led by Dr. Himanta Biswa Salma, is working on equal development of the Barak and Brahmaputra valleys.

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