Greenfield Airport: Labor Disputes in Dollars, Today's Hearing

Greenfield Airport: Labor Disputes in Dollars, Today’s Hearing

Silchar: The process of handing over part of the dollar TE to the government to establish Greenfield Airport has been rushed due to worker protests. Apparently, the Kacha district administration, which succumbed to the demands of tea workers, convened a hearing. Assistant Labor Commissioner Barnari Chakrabalti convened a meeting on Friday, April 29, at the dollar TE unit Larberg’s “Nahagal” to hear the upset worker version. A few days ago, workers stopped the process of land demarcation by district administration and tea plantation authorities. There has been a labor dispute in the tea plantation for the past few days. The upset Asom Majuri Shramik Union argued that the MoU, signed by the government, real estate authorities, and three major trade unions, did not explicitly guarantee worker safety and employment safety.

The Cachar district administration made MoU available in the public domain on Wednesday. The MoU said workers would not be fired as they engage in other parts of the garden.

Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma previously announced that the proposed transfer of land to Greenfield Airport in dollars would be completed by May 10. Delivery of land. Dr. Raj Deep Roy, a member of Parliament Silchar, felt cheating by Congress when the opposition hinted that it might confuse the airport proposed to the Mao Zedong group. Note that recently, Mao Zedong’s top leader, Arun Kumar Batacharji, also known as Kanchanda, was recently arrested by police at a tea plantation in Udah Bond.

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