Grade-III recruitment exam: Government urged to initiate measures to ensure every candidate's attendance

Grade III recruitment exam: The government is urged to take steps to make sure that every candidate attends

LAKHIMPUR: Both the All India Democratic Youths Organization (AIDYO), and the All India Democratic Student Organization (AIDSO), have jointly urged Government of Assam that all measures be taken to make sure every aspirant to a job can get to their exam centers on August 28 in time to take the Grade-III recruitment exam. The two organizations also requested that the government reschedule the exams of candidates who were unable to attend the Grade-IV recruitment exam on August 21 because of traffic jams or other problems.

Both organizations have already sent a memorandum asking Chief Minister Himanta Bisho Sarma to address these concerns. Prajjal Deb (State president of AIDSO) stated in this context that many applicants could not make it to their exam centres to participate in Grade-IV’s recruitment exam held on August 21 due various traffic problems.

“Examination centres were established in Cachar District for the total of 73 and 376 Grade IV job aspirants. They are located under three Barak valley districts. A total of 5,528 applicants could not participate in the exam because of congestion or other problems. Their inability to attend the exam due to incapacity was due in large part because no examination centres had been set up in their localities. They have already expressed their discontent. Even though there were many possibilities of severe traffic jams, the inadequate number of traffic officers was not available in the region. Prajjal Deo claimed such neglect raises doubts about the Government’s attitude towards reducing the state’s burning unemployment problem.

Invigilators who had not been properly trained gave incorrect advice to the candidates concerning the correct place to put their name on the OMR sheet. Because of the lack of an additional OMR sheet, these candidates didn’t have the opportunity to make amends. Prajjal Deb added that the final result is uncertain.

In such circumstances, they demanded that the government provide justice for candidates who couldn’t attend Grade IV recruitment exam by conducting the exam again without any fees. In addition, they demanded that justice be done to all candidates who were unable to enter their name on the OMR sheets in the proper place due to lack or inadequate guidance. The government was also asked to establish sufficient exam centers in all districts for Grade-III recruitment exams to take place on August 28. They also requested that adequate traffic police officers be deployed to manage traffic jams on the day.

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